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2.2 acre kennel operation for sale in Mexicali, Mexico

"Welcome to Tom Garner Kennels, your #1 source for the highest quality pit bulls available on the planet today. We have produced more noteworthy dogs and satisfied customers in the past 33 years than any other Pit Bull breeding kennel on the planet. The APBT breed standard stipulates that our dogs must be completely people friendly, intelligent, stable, athletically superior and uncompromisingly courageous. We will not compromise on any of these criteria. We breed to a standard, not for a particular purpose. We believe that faithfully breeding to a well-reasoned set of ideals best serves both man and dog."

Take a tour of our yard both past and present and see why we are producing the best bulldogs in the world today.

Conan x Miss Misty II (09-17)

Breeder: Tom Garner Kennels
Owner: Tom Garner Kennels
Color: Buckskin and White
D.O.B.: 08/07/17

Looking for the best Frisco blood in the world, rolled up into one breeding? Try one of these double Conan pups! Conan is known as a top of the line bulldog. He excells in all aspects of the pit bull breed standard and is a superb son of the deceased Dynomite. As an athlete he is second to none. With respect to intelligence, he has no peer. He is quickly establishing himself as a primo producer. In this mating we have grouped the very best of the Dynomite breedings, loading heavily on Frisco x Lee Ling through Angel and Yoko, and fortified this blood with Ceasar, Simba, Hickory Tee and Missy. Try a double-bred Conan pup and see why so many people are so excited about this great dog! This pup is $1500.

Conan x Miss Misty II Pups
First Second Third Fourth
Garner's "Conan"
Garner's "Dynomite" Garner's "Frisco" Garner's "Chinaman"
Vince's "Chinagirl"
Garner's "Yoko" Garner's "Frisco"
Garner's & Payne's "Lee Ling"
Garner's "Little Sassy II" Garner's "Bermuda Buck" Garner's "Frisco"
Garner's & Middleton's "Angel"
Garner's "Miss Sassy" Garner's "Frisco"
Garner's "Miss Hurt"
Garner's "Miss Misty II"
Garner's and GTO's "Ceasar" Garner's "Constantine" Garner's "Dynomite"
Garner's "Cherry"
Garner's "Simba Girl" Garner's "Simba"
Garner's "Negra Thomasa"
Garner's "Miss Misty" Garner's "Rhino" Garner's "Frisco"
Garner's "Vixen"
Garner's "Misty" Garner's "Hickory Tee"

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