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"Welcome to Tom Garner Kennels, your #1 source for the highest quality pit bulls available on the planet today. We have produced more noteworthy dogs and satisfied customers in the past 45 years than any other Pit Bull breeding kennel on the planet. The APBT breed standard stipulates that our dogs must be completely people friendly, intelligent, stable, athletically superior and uncompromisingly courageous. We will not compromise on any of these criteria. We breed to a standard, not for a particular purpose. We believe that faithfully breeding to a well-reasoned set of ideals best serves both man and dog."

Take a tour of our yard both past and present and see why we are producing the best bulldogs in the world today.

Sugar Ray x Miss Kora

Breeder: Tom Garner Kennels
Owner: Tom Garner Kennels
Color: Red Fawn and White
D.O.B.: 07-04-23

Garner's Sugar Ray is a freak. Just from his genetics he has muscle mass like a powerlifter. However, he doesn't move like a powerlifter; he moves like a cross between a ballerina and a cat. You will go through 1000 dogs before you find another that possesses the combination of power and finess we see in Sugar Ray.
Unquestionably, this should be a fantastic Frisco breeding! This breeding resurrects some of the best, most reliable blood from the past before it slips away from us. This litter is loaded with some of the best Frisco blood that ever walked. Dynomite x Cherry was a fantastic breeding of 75% Frisco parents that resulted in the amazing producers Dynamo, Constantine, Infrared and Rampage. Each of these dogs were amazing animals and extraordinary producers. The intent in this litter was to triple up on Dynamo to re-capture the Dynomite x Cherry magic. Further, those who are intimately familiar with my breeding program know how valuable the Hickson and Spikey blood have been to us. The second focus in this breeding is to bring the best Bolio x Eli blends together from our past to keep this blood intact for the future. The addition of the Shylo blood keeps the raw Eli component strong. Be the person who learns the lessons of history and add one of these guys to your kennel today! This pups are available for $1500.

Sugar Ray x Miss Kora
First Second Third Fourth
Garner's "Sugar Ray" Garner's "Dynamo" Garner's "Dynomite" Garner's "Frisco"
Garner's "Yoko"
Garner's "Cherry" Garner's "Frisco"
Garner's "Chinagirl II"
Garner's "Queenie III" Garner's "Dynamo" Garner's "Dynomite"
Garner's "Cherry"
Garner's "Queenie II"  Garner's "Hickson"
Garner's "Queenie"
Garner's "Miss Kora" Garner's "Dynamo" Garner's "Dynomite" Garner's "Frisco"
Garner's "Yoko"
Garner's "Cherry" Garner's "Frisco"
Garner's "Chinagirl II"
Garner's "Kora" Garner's "Hickson" Garner's "Clyde"
Garner's "Nina II"
Garner's "Shylo Garner's "El Negro"
Grames' "Odessa"

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