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"Welcome to Tom Garner Kennels, your #1 source for the highest quality pit bulls available on the planet today. We have produced more noteworthy dogs and satisfied customers in the past 45 years than any other Pit Bull breeding kennel on the planet. The APBT breed standard stipulates that our dogs must be completely people friendly, intelligent, stable, athletically superior and uncompromisingly courageous. We will not compromise on any of these criteria. We breed to a standard, not for a particular purpose. We believe that faithfully breeding to a well-reasoned set of ideals best serves both man and dog."

Take a tour of our yard both past and present and see why we are producing the best bulldogs in the world today.


Breeder: Tom Garner Kennels
Owner: Tom Garner Kennels
Color: Red Fawn and White

Otto is a new addition to the stud lineup on Bulldog Hill. It takes a helluva dog to step into the collar of the great, deceased Elmo, but Otto meets all of the qualifications. Otto is a super intense, super athletic double bred son of Elmo and 100% bulldog. We are proud to bring him on board. He is more than 50% Chinaman and he throws incredible spirit and drive into his pups. We call this the "Otto Factor"! You will come to be very familiar with the Otto Factor!

Garner's "Otto"
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Garner's "Elmo" Garner's "Frisco" Garner's "Chinaman" Wood's "Trouble"
Abernathy's "Molly"
Vince's "Chinagirl" Garner's "Chinaman"
Hobb's "Tuffy"
Garner's & Payne's "Lee Ling"  Garner's "Chinaman" Wood's "Trouble"
Abernathy's "Molly"
Payne's "Scooter Red" Uptown's "Idi Amin"
Payne's "Black Annie"
Garner's "Bad Becky" Garner's "Elmo" Garner's "Frisco" Garner's "Chinaman"
Vince's "Chinagirl"
Garner's & Payne's "Lee Ling"  Garner's "Chinaman"
Payne's "Scooter Red"
Garner's "Black Velvet" Garner's "Chinaman" Wood's "Trouble"
Abernathy's "Molly"
Garner's "Spot" Garner's "Spike" 
Matlock's "Sue"

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